This post provides you with a step-by-step guide on an efficient method for getting a Formal Undertaking to your chosen Chamber of Commerce. With EdgeCTP (or the free basic package EdgeCERTS) you can get the system to automatically generate and send the Formal Undertaking to a Chamber of Commerce, with just one click!

Use this post, as needed, to create + send Formal Undertakings to multiple Chambers of Commerce. For example, where you need to connect to a local Chamber of Commerce for certain certificates, or to a specialised Chamber of Commerce (e.g. Arab British Chamber of Commerce) for other certificates.

Why do you need a Formal Undertaking with a Chamber of Commerce?

You will need a Formal Undertaking in place with a Chamber of Commerce if you want that Chamber to issue you with any trading certificates, such as the Certificate of Origin (e.g. EC Certificate of Origin) or Movement Certificates (e.g. EUR1 Movement Certificate). Therefore, you MUST have a Formal Undertaking in place with a Chamber of Commerce BEFORE any certificates can be issued. Also, a Formal Undertaking needs to be renewed annually (at no cost), so that the Chamber of Commerce has the latest (annual) record of your firm’s Primary + Other Authorised Officials (signatories).

Pre-Checks of Company + User Settings

Before you send the Formal Undertaking, make sure everything is set-up correctly within your EdgeCTP account. Therefore, login to your EdgeCTP account and make sure you have the correct user role (usually it is the “Registrar” user type that can make changes to Settings, so if you’re not the Registrar, get the person who is to do these following steps.

Check Company Settings

From the Home dashboard, menu (left) and select Our Company from the menu.

Registrar User – check the Company settings

From the Company settings, make sure that the Main Telephone No. is populated correctly.

Make sure the Main Telephone No. is populated

Next, click on the Address Invoice tab and make sure that the Invoice address matches the address you will have on the Export or Commercial Invoices. For ‘smooth’ processing by the Chamber of Commerce, it is important that this Invoice Address corresponds with the addresses that will be shown on the: Formal Undertaking; Trading Certificates applications, and Export or Commercial Invoices.

Invoice Address: Make same on Formal Undertaking, Invoices + Certificates address

If you made any changes to the Company settings then click the [Update] button in the top right, otherwise, click [Close] and we can move onto the User Settings.

Check Users Settings for Details + Signatures

Make sure that each User who will appear on the Formal Undertaking (Primary and Other Authorised Officials) have their details and signatures in accordance with Formal Undertaking requirements. These user details + signatures will also appear on the Export or Commercial Invoice, Packing Lists, Certificates etc., and if the details + signatures all correspond exactly to those found on the Formal Undertaking, the Chamber of Commerce can process trading certificates efficiently for you.

From the Home dashboard, choose the menu (left) and select Users & Subscription from the drop-down menu.  Check that the Users have signatures to include on the Formal Undertaking.

Primary Contact Authorised Official Details + Signature

From the Users List (your firm’s staff members) click the [Edit] (pencil icon) in the Actions for the Primary Contact Authorised Official (i.e. who the Chamber of Commerce will engage with regarding trading certificate authorisation). This person MUST BE a senior person in your firm as either: Proprietor or Partner or Director or Company Secretary or Board-level officer of the firm.

Edit the Users that will appear on the Formal Undertaking in order to check/add their signatures

In the Profile, make sure the Title + Phone No. + Job Title fields are populated (the email address will already be populated and not changeable).

Next, click the Signatures tab to check the Signature is in place and matches the requirements for a Formal Undertaking because it is this signature that will appear on the Formal Undertaking form: Black inkno background marks or imagines, and no borders/edges.

Add/check signature meets criteria for including on the Formal Undertaking

To add a new Formal Undertaking compliant signature, simply click in the middle of the signature box or existing signature (if an old one exists) and upload the relevant signature image file.

If you wish to sharpen the signature then click [Clean].

If you wish to remove any background colouring or patterns then click [Clear Background].

Once you’ve ensured that the Formal Undertaking compliant signature is in place, then click [Update] to save any changes and return to the User List.

Other Authorised Officials Details + Signatures

Repeat the same as you did for the Primary Contact Authorised Official (above) for any additional users you wish to appear on the Formal Undertaking. These additional Authorised Officials can then engage with the Chamber of Commerce for authorising the application for trading certificates.

Generate + Send the Formal Undertaking

This step also shows you ‘How to connect EdgeCTP with your Chamber of Commerce‘. Having performed the one-time ‘Pre-Checks of Company + User Settings’ (above) you’re good to get EdgeCTP to automatically generate + send your Formal Undertaking to your selected Chamber of Commerce.

From the Home dashboard, the menu (left) and select Settings from the menu.


In the Settings click on the Chambers tab to reveal a 3-step process for connecting with Chamber of Commerce.

In Step 1, click the [Tick] in the Action column of the Invoice address as your primary address for engaging with the Chamber(s) of Commerce (it may already be selected, as indicated in the Results column).

Select the “Invoice” address for engaging with the Chamber of Commerce

Either click [Next] or [2. Person(s)] tab to select the relevant persons.

In Step 2, click the [Tick] in the Action column of the Primary Authorising Official (see criteria above on the senior member of staff this needs to be) who will be engaging with the Chamber(s) of Commerce (they may already be selected, as indicated in the Results column). Repeat this for any Other Authorising Officials who need to also appear on the Formal Undertaking.

Select the relevant Primary and Other Authorising Officials from your firm.

Either click [Next] or [3. Connect] tab to select the relevant Chamber(s) of Commerce.

In Step 3, click the [Tick] in the Action column of the Chamber of Commerce that you wish to connect with, and this will auto-generate + send a Formal Undertaking to them. Other Actions available to you at this point are:

  • View (eye icon) shows the processing a Chamber of Commerce can perform, so you’ll know what certificates they can process for you.
  • Download Formal Undertaking (cloud icon) allows you to download a blank copy of the Chamber of Commerce’s Formal Undertaking so you can review it before signing etc.
  • Select Chamber (tick icon) selects the Chamber of Commerce you wish to connect with.

Status and Formal Undertaking (FU) Status

Having selected the desired Chamber a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the Formal Undertaking with the Chamber. You do this by ticking the two boxes and clicking [Create + Send].

Agree to the 2 conditions and click [Create + Send] to fire a Formal Undertaking to the Chamber:
  • Wait for the processing messages and the completed + sent Formal Undertaking appear (Save into your Downloads folder) as a PDF.
  • Back on the Settings > Chambers > 3. Connect list of Chambers, the Chamber connection Status changes to ‘Active’ and the FU Status become ‘Sent’.

A Formal Undertaking of ‘Sent’ to the selected Chamber and awaiting their approval

At this moment the other Actions available to you are:

  • Deselect Chamber (red x icon) that will remove your connection status with the selected Chamber of Commerce
  • Let The Chamber Inn (red entrance door icon) enables the selected Chamber of Commerce to launch into your EdgeCTP/EdgeCERTS account and assist you with tasks. You have to explicitly grant them permission to enter your account.
  • Membership (two-person icon) shows you your membership status with the selected Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Approval of Formal Undertaking

Once your Formal Undertaking has been received and approved by the Chamber of Commerce, you’ll get a response back on the Settings > Chambers > 3. Connect table, or you can click the [Refresh] (recycle icon)

Approved FU Status by the selected Chamber