Logistics: DHL Express + EdgeCTP

Connecting EdgeCTP to DHL Express Gives You Logistics For The Connected Age.

Why DHL Express: Excellence. Simply Delivered.

If you buy + sell goods nationally or internationally, you’re going to need logistics. DHL Express is the world’s leading logistics company. With 380,000 people in over 220 countries and territories, DHL Express is working every day to help you cross borders, reach new markets and grow your business.

DHL Express is as innovative as a start-up, with the power of an international organisation!

Complimentary Connection: DHL Express + EdgeCTP

EdgeCTP is connected seamlessly into DHL Express, which means you need DHL Express logistic quotes, they’re shown directly in EdgeCTP. You do everything associated with trading + shipping within EdgeCTP; leaving EdgeCTP to manage the connection, requests + responses with DHL Express, in the background. Freeing you to focus on the trading.

You use EdgeCTP to manage the trading aspects with clients or suppliers, such as generate + sending quotes, invoices, certificates, packing lists, etc. Also, use EdgeCTP for getting quotes from DHL Express, then arranging collections; labelling + dispatching consignments; tracking to delivery, and return goods, if necessary. DHL Express performs the equally vital service of physical goods collection + delivery. EdgeCTP + DHL Express complement each other in completing a trade.

Simple + Powerful Integration: DHL Express + EdgeCTP

After signing up with DHL Express and getting an account, you simply enter your connection setting details into EdgeCTP – once. Then whenever you do need a shipment, simply enter in your logistic requirements (i.e. locations and consignment weights + measures) and request the DHL Express rates by simply clicking on the DHL Express logo. Moments later, choose from the list of DHL Express rates that suit and you’re off to get your consignment labelled, collected and delivered – simple!

Any documentation, created subsequently within EdgeCTP for the shipment, will automatically have the DHL Express logistic rates shown – saving you time and reducing the risk of costly typo mistakes.


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