EdgeCTP And Freeagent Docs

From Chaos to Clarity: Documentation Made Easy

Our platform generates every supporting document you need to trade physical goods nationally and internationally!

Thanks to our seamless system integration, you can also flow sales data into FreeAgent to reflect your accounting activities and streamline your entire documentation process along the way.

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Paper to Pixels: A Cleaner, Greener Future

Hate waste? So do we.

That’s why EdgeCTP is removing the need for paper documents and facilitating the widespread use of e-documents and certificates. In turn, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable future, one with less waste, and even less paperwork.

The One & Only Integration You Need

EdgeCTP is the only platform integrated with FreeAgent that offers international trade-supported documentation:

• Certificates of Origin
• Commercial Invoices
• Movement Certificates

Say Goodbye to Stress with Streamlined Financial Documentation

Quotes & Estimates

Send off quotes and estimates from EdgeCTP in seconds. They’ll be reflected in your FreeAgent account with no re-keying required, reducing the time taken to provide quotes and ensuring your financial records are up-to-date and accurate.

Sales & Purchases

Stay on top of stock control, monitor your transactions, and generate subsequent documents like packing lists for every sale and purchase you make within EdgeCTP.

Watch this data automatically update in your FreeAgent account to produce accurate invoices and bills.

Sales & Purchases
Financial & Stock Settlement

Financial & Stock Settlements

Thanks to FreeAgent and EdgeCTP, managing payments and monitoring stock is simple and secure.

In just a few clicks, you can access an overview of invoices, payment statuses, and stock levels. Instant data synchronisation provides real-time tracking of sales and purchases to ensure that payment management and stock accounting are efficiently and accurately organised.

Want to cancel or amend an order? No problem, you can create a credit note to refund the buyer, hassle-free.

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A Powerful Duo

EdgeCTP offers an unbeatable system that manages trading docs, automates trade, and streamlines operations. Let EdgeCTP record your trading activities and rest easy knowing that FreeAgent will sort the nitty-gritty accounting side of things.