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EdgeCTP: Designed Around Your Needs

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Use the built-in Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system to remind you keep in touch with your valued clients and track where they are in the buying cycle.  Work individually or as a team to identify, connect and win new business clients or ensure you have a range of suppliers in the CRM so you can source the best price.

A Stock Control and Inventory Management system, built seamlessly into EdgeCTP, ensure that you’ve got accurate and timely tracking of the goods and materials you have in-hand.  Automatic stock reorder triggers, when quantities run low or large orders need to be met.  Warehouses allow simple management of stock locations, and powerful stock reporting too.

Knowing what components (materials) you need to complete the manufacturing of a product is criteria if you want to fulfil an order in a timely manner.  Bill of Materials (BoM) is a list of the materials you need to assemble a product from start to finish, and goes to 6 levels deep. A BoM also helps to define the origin of a product, i.e. material’s origin + final assembly.

Coupled into the CRM and Stock Control elements of EdgeCTP you get the ability to manage suppliers and purchases.  From knowing when you need to reorder stock and from whom, to sending Requests-For-Quotes (RFQs), and placing Purchase Orders with the winning supplier.  Later updating stock when goods arrive and paying supplier invoices (bills).

Making or building products either to order or to hold-in-stock, EdgeCTP has a complete manufacturing work flow to help guide you from planning to completion. Batches help with quality control, so we included that into EdgeCTP, along with matching them to Sales Orders and finished goods warehouse locations.
To support your buying and selling needs, whether nationally or internationally, EdgeCTP has a comprehensive range of 23 documents (from Quotes, Proformas, Invoices, Packing List, Export Cargo Shipping Instructions, Dangerous Goods Notes etc.) and several certificates (Certificates of Origin, Movement Certs etc.).