DOCS: Trading Docs For National + International Trading

Comprehensive Range of Trading Docs For Small Businesses Who Make, Buy, Sell, and Ship Physical Goods

Why You Need Trading Docs

If you buy + sell and ship goods, either nationally or internationally, then trading documents such as quotations, orders, invoices, etc., provide documentary evidence to support the transaction. All EdgeCTP trading documents, including Trading Docs, follow the United Nations (UN) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) standards, so they are universally understood and accepted.

Trading Docs

In the world, following global pandemic outbursts such as the Coronavirus Covid19, the ability to trade in a digital, remotely accessible, and paper-free manner is supported by EdgeCTP Trading Docs. From the seamless emailing of any document using standard PDF to the encrypted storage and transmission of trading data electronically platform-to-platform – all at just the click of a button, Trading Docs revolutionizes the way trading documentation is handled.

Financial Docs Automatically Accounted

Any financial document created in EdgeCTP Trading Docs as a result of sales or purchases activities, such as: Invoices, Credit Notes and their associated settlement (payments), are automatically updated in your chosen Accounting Package – no rekeying required, just push one copy button! Trading Docs streamlines the entire process, ensuring accurate and efficient synchronization between EdgeCTP and your Accounting Package.

Financial Docs Automatically Accounted

Seamless Data Transfer And Synchronization

Between EdgeCTP Trading Docs and your favorite Accounting Packages. Automatic back-ground syncing of invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, bills, part + full settlement, and where applicable: contacts + products + FX rates.

Largest Trading Document Coverage

Within EdgeCTP you get the largest source of fully integrated digital trading docs you will need to run your domestic and/or global business. From Certificates, Financial, and Logistics to Customs Declarations, we have you covered with electronic documents accessible from any internet device.





Sales + Purchase Orders

Commercial/Export Invoices

Standard Acct. Invoices

Credit Notes

Order Acknowledgements

Bills (Purchase Invoices)



Packing Lists

Shipping Invoice

Export Cargo Shipping Inst.

Standard Shipping Note

Dangerous Goods Note


Multi-Modal DGN

CMR – Consign By Road


CN22 Consignment Note

CN23 Consignment Note

Customs Invoice

Footwear Declaration

Export Declaration


UK Cert of Origin

Arab-British Cert of Origin

UK EUR1 Movement Cert

ATR Turkish Movement Cert

International Import Cert

ATA Carnets