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Manage Your Market Interactions

The success of your business depends on the relationships you build and maintain with your customers.

Market Manage Interaction With EdgeCTP & FreeAgent

EdgeCTP’s comprehensive CRM system holds vital customer data and turns it into effective, actionable insight that can elevate your business, including a powerful marketing and sales funnel that helps you nurture relationships and turn leads into buyers.

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Hear Yes

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

EdgeCTP’s reliable email marketing system keeps your FreeAgent contacts in the know about the latest updates.

  • Receive read receipts
  • Track click-throughs
  • Automate your email scheduling
  • Manage multiple campaigns
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

EdgeCTP’s CRM software manages the timing of your outreach, ensuring that your potential customers can receive your message at the peak of their interest.

  • Set reminders
  • Add contacts to a favourites list
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Track contacts throughout their purchase cycle
Manage Time
Restricted Party Screening

Restricted Party Screening

EdgeCTP offers a powerful tool that ensures goods are only sent to trusted parties and destinations.

The Restricted Party Screening (RPS) feature allows you to thoroughly check contacts against a dependable database before sending out products or services, making sure that nothing ends up in the wrong hands.

With this trusted feature, you can rest assured that all your international trade transactions are risk-free and secure.

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EdgeCTP and FreeAgent’s reliable CRM software gives you the power to take complete control of your customers’ needs and streamline the process of building and maintaining client and supplier relationships.

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