FreeAgent Shipping & Fulfilment With EdgeCTP

Shipping & Fulfilment That’s Out of This World

EdgeCTP and FreeAgent have teamed up to give you
the ultimate shipping and fulfilment solution to optimise your

Easily coordinate sales and purchases, transfer data from invoices to work orders,
and accurately estimate duties and taxes to avoid
any surprises at customs!

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To the Moon & Back: End-To-End Tracking

Lift off, we have lift-off!

Thanks to EdgeCTP and FreeAgent’s integration, you can relax knowing that your shipping and fulfilment needs will be dealt with efficiently and securely. From warehouses to doorsteps and back again, we guarantee that you’ll deliver great customer experiences every step of the way.

FreeAgent Shippments With EdgeCTP to the Moon

Designed To Benefit Your

Streamline Orders

Streamline Orders

You can create packing lists and delivery notes for orders received through E-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce in just a few clicks!

Once fulfilled, this information is automatically synced with FreeAgent to generate invoices in a flash. This streamlined process will help you manage your sales and keep track of everything from one location.

Save Time

Save Time

The EdgeCTP and FreeAgent integration provides an all-in-one solution to save you time managing your E-commerce business.

Automated processes take the hassle out of steering the ship and greatly reduce the time it takes to source, pack, and send your goods to your customers. You’ll be able to rocket through fulfilment and get your products in the hands of customers faster than ever before.

Master Shipping, Duty & Taxes

Master Shipping, Duty & Taxes

EdgeCTP connects to multiple shipping companies, such as FedEx and DHL, to ensure that you get the most reliable and cost-effective delivery services available every time.

With EdgeCTP, you can easily compare rates, set delivery terms, and calculate duty and taxes before sending your goods nationally or internationally.

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Product Pre-Classification

Product Pre-Classification

EdgeCTP’s product pre-classification tool promises security and guarantees peace of mind.

  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Faster clearance times
  • Minimise risk
  • Smoother operations
  • Improved compliance
  • Avoid incorrect charges

International Goods Landed Cost Calculator

EdgeCTP doesn’t just simplify your fulfilment processes, it promises accuracy when it comes to pricing too.

Our landed cost calculator precisely estimates the duties and taxes of your goods to ensure that your products are correctly priced. This way, you’ll suffer fewer unexpected customs charges, have less customers returning goods, and gain more accuracy in forecasting your accounting!

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International Goods Landed Cost Calculator