XTRADE: Ultimate Online Solution For Domestic + Global Trading

For small businesses who make, buy, sell and ship physical goods for eCommerce + B2B deals.

Why You Need A Combined Trading Platform

Masked Man Showing Currency Notes

Time: by not needing you to rekey, juggle and self-stitch different systems together.

Money: why pay for multiple systems, when a single software solution would do.

Risk: inaccurate data entry across systems causes delays in delivery + payments.

What’s Included In A Combined Trading Platform

XTRADE: You get SEVEN tools in ONE online platform:

Contacts CRM

1. Contacts CRM

Keep track of your engagement with Customers + Suppliers + other Contacts who matter.

Stock + Manuf.

2. Stock + Manuf.

Control your stock levels + locations + Bills of Materials + Manufacturing + Supplies.

Docs + Certs

3. Docs + Certs

Generate Quote, Proformas, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders + Certificates seamlessly.


4. Logistics

Compare shipping rates + arrange collection + packing + tracking + handle returns.

Workflow EDGECTP

5. Workflows

Sales + Purchase Workflows make sure you’re on top of any sales + buying life-cycles.

6. Connections

Avoid re-keying data between external systems, such accounting packages + shippers.

Cloud Access

7. Cloud Access

Securely get to your data 24/7 from any internet connected device + no software to install.

XTRADE: Get SEVEN Essential Tools In ONE Smart Platform

Avoid Rekeying And Get Seamless Data Transfer + 80% Efficiency.

edge salesflow

What If I Don’t Need All Seven Tools?

Simple. Use As Many Or As Few Of The Tools As You Need.

Smart and Scale

Start Small And Grow

  • Start for free with only International Certificates;
  • Use just Trading Documents (Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, POs etc.);
  • Manage Customers + Supplier using only the CRM;
  • Focus only on Stock Control, Manufacturing and Warehouses

Scaled To Your Needs

  • Just use for Shipping + Logistics rates comparison, arrange, labelling, packing tracking + returns
  • And when you’re ready, it all comes beautifully together with Sales + Purchase Workflows saving you time
  • Oh, it’s always securely in the Cloud for all options

How Difficult Is It To Get Started?

Super simple. We Provide Assisted-Onboarding So You Feel The Value, Fast.

Getting Started

Step 1. Data Analysis

Get in touch and allow us to analyse how best to transport across your existing data.

Step 2. Data Upload

We’ll use EdgeCTP Data Loaders to upload your data into your private EdgeCTP environment.

Step 3. Meet EdgeCTP

With all your data loaded, we’ll take you through EdgeCTP to make sure it’s perfect for you.