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Combined Trading Platform (CTP)

CTP Solves The Problem With Trading Nationally Or Internationally


Powerful combination of tools around your trading needs including: Origin + Movement Certificates; Invoices; Packing Lists; Trade Docs; CRM; Stock Control; Bill of Materials; Logistics; Sales work flow and connections to others …


Labouring inefficiently with numerous unconnected systems, process and tools during trading, goes and hits your bottom line by at least 20% – imagine getting more than 20% revenues back by using CTP.


Get secure access to your data from anywhere using any internet connected device, because we’ve locked it in the cloud for you, which means you can trade from anywhere in the world using multiple teams and locations.


Connections to accounting packages, logistic firms, customs declarations and multi-user support, gives you’re the connected power of collaboration and makes your business trade faster, safer and efficient.

The Magnificent 7 Elements Of CTP

The Connected Benefits Of Having All Your Trading Needs In One Place

Murdering Your Business Inefficiency

Financial Benefits Of CTP (And Just Measuring Document Generation)

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