STOCK: Bill-of-Materials + Manufacturing + Warehousing

A Stock Control System for small businesses who make, buy, sell and ship physical goods, nationally + internationally.

Why You Need A Stock Control System

One word: efficiency. That’s the primary reason you need a stock control system. Efficiency: on knowing you have the correct stock to meet your buyers’ demands; not too much that you have a cash flow issue; not too little that you lose customers or profits.

Need A Stock Control System

Efficiency: in knowing where your stock is located, so you don’t wait time looking for it. Efficiency: to automatically trigger a re-order when stocks need replenishing from suppliers. That’s why with EdgeSTOCK you get: single and multi-component products; names + pictures + numbering (SKU) + variants; universal classifications + compliance; pricing in multi-currencies; quantities + re-order levels + suppliers; store/warehouse locations, and 18 different reports.

Makers: Bill-Of-Materials (BoM) + Manufacturing

If you make your own products, whether from raw materials or components, then you’re a manufacturer! In which case, knowing the materials that go into making your product, also called a Bill-of-Materials (BoM), is vital for a timely + quality oriented production process.

Bill-Of-Materials (BoM) + Manufacturing

In EdgeSTOCK, for those who want to go beyond stock control, we’ve added: a comprehensive BoM, so you know if you’ve all the materials before to start manufacturing-to-order; perform Origin of Goods Analysis, so can confidently identify the “made in” country of your goods, and control the manufacturing from start, work-in-progress, completion, repair to scrap schedule, using batch numbering for quality + production control.

BOM Bill of material
Product Advance Detail

Combined: Stock + CRM + Trading Docs

EdgeSTOCK gives you a sophisticated stock control system, which you use in isolation or combine with the powers of CRM + Trading documents systems. For example, when a Client (CRM) acknowledges a Sales Order (Trading Docs), you can: check stocks, materials and manufacturing cycles; place Purchase Orders (Trading Docs) with Suppliers (CRM); create an invoice (Trading Docs) and send it to the Client (CRM) – all from within Edge Stock Control System!

Stock + CRM + Trading Docs
BOM Bill of material Product

With EdgeSTOCK you move smoothly from stock control; product components and build management; client + supplier engagement, and associated trading documents management to finished, deliverable, good-to-go product(s).