Users of EdgeCTP can disconnect their existing connection to the online cloud-based Xero accounting package when they wish to perform tasks in EdgeCTP that there no need to replicate in Xero (or at least until they re-connect or sync manually at a later date).

How to Disconnect Xero from EdgeCTP

The following is a brief step-by-step guide that introduces how to disconnect Xero from within EdgeCTP.

Disconnecting Xero from within EdgeCTP

Make sure you have administration user access rights and login to your EdgeCTP account.

  • From the home dashboard, choose from the menu in the left of the screen:  Settings > Accounting  and notice that Xero is connected.
  • Click [Disconnect] to show the Disconnect from Xero confirmation pop-up.  Please note that if your popup blockers enable on your browser, you’ll see a warning appear, usually in the address bar (towards the right), saying that a popup block.  If this happens, then click the warning > Always allow popups from EdgeCTP and click [Disconnect] again to see the Disconnect from Xero confirmation.
EdgeCTP unlink Xero API

Dialog/Pop-Up: Click [1st Disconnect Xero] to jump to Xero

  • Click [1st Disconnect Xero] that will take you to Xero (in a new/different tab) with a Login request for security purposes.
  • Login to Xero and the Connected Apps screen will appear
Xero Connected Apps

Disconnect app: EdgeCTP from Xero

  • Find EdgeCTP and click [Disconnect app]; when asks if you are sure, click [Disconnect App] again, and EdgeCTP will disappear from Xero’s Connected App screen.
  • Click on the [EdgeCTP | Settings] tab (at the top of your browser) to return you back to EdgeCTP.
Getting back to EdgeCTP from Xero

Disconnect in Xero and return to EdgeCTP

  • On the Disconnect from Xero confirmation in EdgeCTP, now click [2nd Disconnect EdgeCTP], which will clean-up connection links on EdgeCTP.
EdgeCTP to Xero API unlink

Click [2nd Disconnect EdgeCTP] as a final step

  • You’ll return to  Settings > Accounting with Xero being ‘unconnected‘.

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