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You can also learn from FAQ: Shopify + EdgeCTP

Before Starting: Get Ready with Shopify + EdgeCTP Accounts

Before you get started, please ensure you have:

  • An active Shopify account (Merchant / Trader account) and a Shopify store
  • Customers and Products you wish to place or already have in your Shopify store
  • An EdgeCTP account with a subscription to a plan that covers the CRM, Stock Control, Documents, and eCommerce functions

Examples in the Shopify-EdgeCTP blog series

If you wish to follow along with many of the examples presented in the related Shopify-EdgeCTP blog series, then please keep in mind that the:

  • Example EdgeCTP and Shopify accounts are demo/test versions, which are loaded with dummy data
  • Demo/test EdgeCTP application was/is an “unlistedEdgeCTP app on the Shopify app store, which means the steps covered in the ‘Shopify connection’ blogs will differ to a “listed” app