If you wish to disconnect Shopify from EdgeCTP, for whatever reason do the following steps.

  1. Login to EdgeCTP and from the Home dashboard choose Settings eCommerce > ShopifyNotice in this example Shopify is currently connected.
  1. Click Disconnect and when the Disconnect from Shopify pop-up appears, click 1st Disconnect Shopify
  1. In a new tab, the Shopify Store (admin) will open. Login if necessary. In the Apps screen, you’ll see EdgeCTP as an Installed app. Click Delete to uninstall it.
  1. When Shopify asks for a confirmation to Delete EdgeCTP from Shopify, optionally select a Feedback reason and comments, and then click Delete 
  1. After a few moments, you’ll get a message that EdgeCTP has been successfully deleted
  1. Click EdgeCTP Settings browser tab to return back to EdgeCTP 
  1. With the Disconnect from Shopify pop-up still visible, click 2nd Disconnect EdgeCTP to now disconnect from the EdgeCTP side 
  1. Wait a few moments for the Settings | eCommerce | Shopify panel in EdgeCTP to refresh and return back with NO Shopify connection shown


See our frequently asked questions on using Shopify with EdgeCTP.