Looking for customers in an International Trade Market is seen by many to be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s far better to stick to the demands of the domestic market, right? WRONG. Going global could save your business, and here are seven reasons why.

1 World: a much smaller place

Take advantage of cheaper and faster communication, transport and international travel and allow your company to grow. Self imposed trade restrictions are a limiting choke hold on your business.

2 World: prosperity shifts

Unfortunately, many businesses have failed in recent years because of the reduced spending power of their domestic customers. It’s time to look at customers in areas where economic spending power has migrated such as the Middle East, which is now considered to be an economical power house.

3 Language: less of a barrier

English is widely learned as a second language by people all over the world. Use this to your advantage and engage and communicate with potential customers worldwide, using English as a global business language.

4 Rising costs and a thirst for quality

Developing nations are starting to demand better quality goods and services from overseas. Although your products or services may be priced higher in the international market, it should NOT deter you from tapping into their growing demand.

5 Increased competition in a shrinking domestic market

Has your product or service become redundant in the domestic market? It might be time to start looking at the greener pastures of International Trade. Supply and demand will govern where you’ll need to export so treat the whole world as your oyster and safe guard yourself against domestic changes blowing you into extinction.

6 Internet: a free global superhighway

Getting an e-commerce web presence is critical. Take advantage of benefits such as real-time tracking, up to date, low cost communication methods and your very own global display window. It’s a no brainer to go global with the internet.

7 Governments: reducing barriers for International Trade

Trading internationally entitles you to tap into an ocean of various government support structures, instruments and incentives to go global with your products and services, making it socially, financially and morally the right thing to do.

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