Exporting – “It’s a science Jim, but not as you know it.”

We think exporting should be simple, so in this series of blogs, we aim to help you get past the science and gain a better understanding of the UK export process.

The Import Export business Background

The government is currently leading a massive drive to recruit more UK exporters. They know that the UK needs to export more and import less if we are ever going to become prosperous again.
Our economy will tank further unless we get the seesaw to drop in the right direction.


What type of exporter are you?

There are many different types of exporters and they fall into three broad categories – Passive, Adaptive, and Strategic.

Passive –  Exporters who export by chance. They really don’t see it as an essential part of their business and aren’t particularly tooled up to do it frequently. They don’t want the hassle of all the documentation and the anomaly it is to their day to day business.

Adaptive – These exporters are more entrepreneurial and grasp the newfound opportunity with a bit more enthusiasm. They invest in their growing business stream and can manage the administrative process and needs of their overseas customer’s demands effectively.

Strategic – This group sees export as a key and core function of their business and invest heavily to ensure the best outcomes. They also have a strong overseas orientation with suitable processes and products. These are the companies that are taking the game right to their overseas competitors.

So, work out which category you fall into and use that as a base for your exporting strategy before starting your journey into the international market.

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