What Is a CN22?


A CN22 form is a customs document used to send physical goods internationally that have a value of £270 or less. CN22 forms help customs officials understand what is in your package. This ensures that your goods can be processed [...]

What Information Is on a CN22?


The CN22 form is a simple, self-adhesive label that contains information such as: 1.Sender's details (name and address). 2.Recipient's details (name and address). 3.Description of the contents of the package. 4.The quantity of each item in the package. 5.The weight [...]

What are Incoterms?


Incoterms 2020, or International Commercial Terms 2020, are a set of standardised international trade terms created by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They outline the responsibilities and obligations of buyers and sellers during the trade of goods, including terms [...]

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